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Offering robust experience and expertise in wisdom tooth removal, implant placement, corrective jaw surgery, IV sedation and more, Oral Surgeon Edious K. Elliot, DMD remains up to date on all aspects of advanced technology.

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Our high-quality care includes the latest technology, including Cone Beam CT Scanner, Intraoral Scanner, and 3D Printing to allow optimal results.


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Premium Dental Implants Fayetteville Manlius, NY

If you’re looking for the very best option for replacing your missing teeth, dental implants are today’s golden standard. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that consists of a screw which we call the implant, a crown, and the abutment that fastens the crown to the implant.

We anchor implants into your jaw which makes them as strong as your natural teeth and allows you to eat all your favorite foods without having to worry about slippage. When it comes to replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles, our patients testify that they’re revolutionary.

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